Lion Dance

Honestly, initially I thought this was ordered for a Lion Dance troupe anniversary celebration or something but it turned out that the gentleman ordered it for his son(I heard that it's because his son likes lion dance)! Ops! >.< Moreover, when he gave me the theme, first thing in mind: this cake has got to be "prosperous"! Therefore, I even included 2 freshly made pineapple tarts to represent the oranges, the mini red packet and 6(luck) "golden coins". Anyone feeling me there?! Hmm but anyway, the whole idea was to fit the theme and I'm very glad to be given this chance to try something new! Hope that this will be a memorable cake for the 4 years old boy! ^ ^

The end product.

 Back view!

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Charlene said...

Hi can I know where u bought the 2 lions on the cake? :)