Hello and Welcome! 

DELICIOUS ADDICTIONS first started in May 2004, located in the neighbourhoods of Bedok South Ave 3, selling cakes, bread and pastries back then. 

Now, we currently serve takeaway hotdogswaffles, snacks, ice cream and beverages etc. Cakes are via orders only so do pre-order to avoid any disappointment.

We do not have Halal certification but we use only Halal products and our ingredients do not contain any pork or lard.

Most of my cake recipes are passed down from my dad which are original from his trials and errors. I do not specialize in cake decorating however, customised designs are most welcome and I will do my best to accommodate. Our signature is the Heavenly Chocolate Fudge cake which comes in a few sizes and can be found "HERE". Do check out my other "SPECIALITIES" too! Each individual cake is unique by itself and I hope that it leaves a deliciously unforgettable experience each time you savour it! Cheers! ^^

P.S.: Besides cakes, we do have many other delicious items as well! Do check back from time to time! 

All the cakes are freshly baked to order.
As I may be overseas from time to time, do kindly contact us to check if we would be able to accept any cake orders. 


Augusniko Loh