Honey Stix

What are Honey Stix?
Honey Sticks, also known as Honey Stix, are plastic straws filled with delicious honey which makes it a convenient way to enjoy honey. 

Honey sticks are more nutritious than other sweet snacks and are low in fat. Each straw contains 1 teaspoon(5 grams) of delicious honey, with approximately 15 calories per stick, naturally coloured and flavoured. The stix is made of polypropylene, which is food grade and BPA free.

Nutritional Content: Vitamins: B6, B Complex, B3, B2 and B5. Minerals: Calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, with tea.

Available flavours:
10 stix for $5

Ways to enjoy:
People enjoy Honey sticks in many different ways. Some simply suck the honey out of the straw while others add them to their beverages or ice-cream as a topping. It can also give you an energy boost after your sporting activities. Some people carry with them wherever they go and some even bring it along when they travel as it is just so convenient! 

It makes a great and healthy snack whenever you need a quick 
pick-me-up or energy boost!


How to open:
Simply pop open by biting one end of the straw
with your teeth and enjoy your delicious honey
right away!

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