Just a Note =)

"Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Lunar New Year!" 
Exactly what it feels like for me since everything went by in a flash and Thank goodness things have slowed down a little and here I am again to keep this blog going! I have more commitments now and it's probably more of Instagram these days but then again, social media is not my forte and I tend to "drift" now and then too plus there's also Facebook which I am not doing a very good job with it?! Haha so in any case, please bear with me and my random posts or backdated pictures! Do "visit" from time to time! =D

Also not forgetting, until recently, I realised it's been 10 years since I started this shop and some "old"(I meant it literally) customers and even younger ones who have grown from kids to teenagers and now adults are still with us. I would like to say "Thank You! All" for the generous support all these years, knowing that some have come a long way even way back when I was just a little kid. It's heartwarming to know that my dad's recipe is still enjoyed by many till this day. Once again, here's a Big Thank You to All of You out there! ^ ^

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